Morning Report for October 20, 2014

“She’s not letting me do my job.”
* [Above] A tense local TV-news moment at the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Watch the organizer threaten to “pull the plug” on the reporter: ( | Video without an ad (
* Chicago Sun-Times editor says GOP camp’s claims about the paper’s political reporter “were inaccurate and defamatory.” ( | The Sun-Times is back to endorsing candidates. (
* “In order to redeem journalism fully as an institution, both a financial recovery and an ethical recovery must take place,” writes Kristi Culpepper. (
* Google’s search engine favors the websites of print publications. (Dead Tree Edition)
* Aaron Kushner: “I do know that the L.A. Times has been spreading rumors about us to try and hurt [Orange County Register’s] business.” A Times spokesman denies that. (
* A good third quarter for Gannett. (
* CNN withdraws its support of the National Association of Black Journalists over a statement issued by the organization. ( | (
* Newhouse School dean defends the decision to disinvite Washington Post photojournalist Michel du Cille. ( | What the students could have learned from his talk. (
* Yale Daily News is blasted for giving Parkinson’s sufferers a false sense of hope. (
* Survey says 28% of Internet users admit to trolling. (
* Why did the Washington Post’s Secret Service prostitution scandal story name Jonathan Dach? (
* What the Boston Herald should learn from its watermelon-toothpaste cartoon fiasco. (
* Bleacher Report tries to shed its content farm reputation. “There’s still a ton of work to be done,” says the sports site’s founder. (
* The scientists of Reddit launch AskScience Quarterly. (
* An endorsement do-over on the Oregonian editorial page. (
* The AP’s $10,000 Gramling Award winners are named. (
erin* Erin Pettigrew (left) goes from a Gawker intern to business development veep. (
* Michael Wolff: “Amazon does not care about books, a minor part of its business.” ( | Paul Krugman on Amazon. (
* Virginian-Pilot newsroom will shrink by nearly one-quarter by the end of the year. (
* “Social activist” Monica Lewinsky‘s on Twitter – and she’s verified! (@MonicaLewinsky)
* “We’re dedicating our December issue to the topic of race in America,” says Ebony editor-in-chief Mitzi Miller. (
* Longtime ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider is starting his own PR firm. (