County clerk has newspapers pulled off racks over story about senator’s campus visit

These newspaper racks were emptied … because of this issue

Update: The county clerk reversed her decision after getting national publicity and a media lawyer’s cease-and-desist letter.


Today’s Rocky Mountain Collegian – Colorado State University’s student paper – has a page one piece on U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, who is running for re-election. Larimar County Clerk Angela Myers had them removed from student center racks because, she said, they violated electioneering laws.

She cited a Colorado statute that says “no electioneering may take place within a 100-foot limit of any polling location” and added that “when you have a paper that has a candidate on the very front like it does, we will need that to be displayed outside the 100-foot limit.”

Executive editor Kate Winkle says the clerk’s actions are “clearly a violation of the First Amendment.”

The Collegian was covering an event, we are not campaigning for Mark Udall and we would have had the same coverage had Cory Gardner or any politician affected by this election come to campus. I hope that the Larimer County Clerk’s office continues to respect the freedom of the press and I look forward to working with them further through the duration of the election season.

The county clerk is a registered Republican and Udall is a Democrat.

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