Hotel owner/publisher explains his quirky ad


Several readers sent me the Wells Inn’s ad for a reporter “able to interview folks without pissing them off, cover events and get the information right!” The INNformer position, according to the ad, “is great for someone who is looking to get back in the game after being ‘downsized,’ needs a change of pace or simply wants to hide from their ex or other people they have pissed off.”

Wells Inn owner Charles Winslow tells Romenesko readers he took this approach because “I am not sure that a ‘straight’ ad would reach the right type of person. We are, after all, in West Virginia.” He adds that “despite my quirky ad, I do take it seriously.”

I am losing my editor, who writes most of my business stories. He was just offered an editorship at a daily.inn Very happy for him. His last journalism job before us ended in 2009. I have another editor already on staff, who has been in the business for close to 40 years. Now I need someone to write business and politics.

I am proud of [the paper]. It has been well received in the community and has progressed much better than I had any reason to hope or expect. … I have been able to provide jobs to a couple unemployed journalists and help them get “back in the game.” Can that be bad?

How many applications so far from people willing to move to West Virginia? “I have six in less than 24 hours. Three experienced and three flipping burgers with their journalism degrees.”

* Long hours and bad pay for a reporter position (
* Front page of the October 10 issue of The INNformer (Google Drive)