Morning Report for October 23, 2014

* New York Times reporter Richard Perez-Pena says he’ll be “stunned” if even 100 colleagues apply for buyouts. (
* Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg wishes Dave McKinney had just gone back to work “instead of pouring gasoline over himself, and the paper, and striking a match.” (
* University of California, Santa Barbara newspaper apologizes for a satirical piece about an ISIS invasion. (
* Today’s front pages from newspapers in Canada. ( | “I think we can go ahead and give the 2014 National Newspaper Award for editorial cartoons to @ch_cartoon [Bruce MacKinnon].” (@sladurantaye)
* “Gawker is rarely perfect, but it strives to be honest and fearless,” writes editor Max Read. (
* New York Times columnist Ross Douthat says he’ll reject an anti-gay group’s honorarium. (
* The Ben Bradlee obits critiqued. ( | Tributes from Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. (
* Billy Penn launches in Philadelphia. “We will link to other sites, not over-aggregate,” it says. (
* Dr. Nancy Snyderman returns to NBC News in November. (
* Gannett’s Detroit Free Press finally puts out its newsroom changes memo. ( | Gannett’s Tennessean has an “ideation room.” (
* I’d definitely follow: “A Twitter account that might very well be managed by a Boston terrier with an astigmatism.” (
* Alt-weekly East Bay Express says “our publication is currently healthier than it has been for more than a decade.”(
* Yes, I remember “the Netflix for magazines.” In fact, I subscribe and like it a lot. (
* Didn’t get the BuzzFeed San Francisco bureau chief job? A.J. Daulerio‘s Ratter might have a position for you. (
* A Quora question – “If every state of the USA declared war against each other, which would win?” – interests Hollywood. (
* Not just front pages on display: The Newseum is Washington’s favorite red-carpet venue. (
* The iPod turns 13. (