Not the right time, PR person

The pitch to a State of Washington journalist:

From: Danielle Orsino
Date: Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Breaking News: School Shooting

Hi Kate,

Know that things are still developing in the tragic act of violence in Marysville, Washington, but I wanted to offer you the opportunity to talk to mental health expert Carolyn Reinach Wolf, who works with organizations to develop threat assessment teams and educates schools as well as companies about recognizing red flag behavior.

She could give national insight into the growing trend of violence and also analysis into this specific act­ once more facts come out.

Carolyn is still getting all the details of the shooting and can discuss:

1) Prevention: There were probably signs that a teacher, classmate or family member noticed as red flag behavior, but didn¹t know how to give the individual proper help or treatment.

2) Flash point: ­Most likely, something specific set the individual off to act-out.

3) Mental health:­ While not everyone with a mental illness is violent, most of the violence we have seen over the years involved someone who needed help and didn’t get it.

Would you be interested in getting some perspective from Carolyn?

– Danielle

Danielle Orsino
DITTO Public Affairs
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Brooklyn, NY


A reader sends this unfortunate news alert/story pairing: