Missouri State University editor: ‘We wanted people to take notice’ of today’s cover


The story explains that the quotes are from Ferguson protesters a black rights protest. Michael Gulledge, whose tweet tops this post, “has been one of the few people who has had a negative response to the cover,” says Standard editor-in-chief Trevor Mitchell.

He adds in an email:

While there have a been a few people who have expressed disappointment or offense at the cover, the vast majority of feedback we’ve gotten has been positive. Many protesters have retweeted the story and the front page image saying that they’re happy that we’re showing the truth of what was said to students protesting on their own campus … I got a phone call from an African-American alumnus that said he’d “never been more proud of an article dealing with an issue” and that “the stand that you took putting that out there, the words that you guys used, it was brave, it was refreshing, it was fantastic that you actually dealt with the issue.”

People have the right to disagree with our decision, to dislike it, to be offended by it — and that’s fine. … We wanted people to take notice, and to have that reaction. And I think we’ve achieved that.

Update – Someone who shared my link on Facebook writes: “It might make people cringe but I think it’s actually an effective way to get people’s attention and get them talking about what this means for their communities.”

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