He still wants his print Star Tribune

“I still love my hard copy newspaper,” says Arik Hanson. “And I shouldn’t feel ashamed to read it.”

There’s nothing like reading the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee on the porch, he notes. “Now, you can definitely do this with an iPad. No question. But let’s face it – it just ain’t the same. …

“Not EVERYTHING has to be interactive. Not EVERYTHING has to be personalized. Not EVERYTHING has to be on Instagram for God’s sake (and I love Instagram!).”

The digital PR consultant and blogger continues:

I’m really not a salesperson for the Star Tribune. They are not paying me for this post. I just continue to wonder why people continue to slam hard copy newspapers so much. Because I have yet to hear a legit argument for why you shouldn’t read it each and every day.

Reaction to the post “has been predominantly in agreement with me, but [for] a few folks on the all-digital side so far,” Hanson tells Romenesko readers. “I’m pasting in a couple screen grabs from Facebook, where I typically see the most comments about my posts.”

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