Morning Report for October 29, 2014

* Matt Taibbi leaves First Look Media after eight months. “Our differences were never about editorial independence,” writes Pierre Omidyar. OK, so what was the reason for his departure? (
kc* Read this excellent ProPublica/NPR investigation before you text your next donation to the Red Cross. (“They were not interested in solving the problem — they were interested in looking good.”) (
* Kansas City Star’s “Heavenly” front. (
* Chicago police union asks a judge to stop the city from giving misconduct records to the Sun-Times and Tribune. (
* Storyful applies “traditional journalistic skills to a new medium” to debunk stories. (
* How the White House leaks stories. (
* “I’m inside of a demographic that’s supposed to love newspapers. But…” (
* Claim: PolitiFact “has completely failed to serve any useful purpose” in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race. (
* Misleading headlines examined. (
* Hartford Courant celebrates 250 years. ( | Congratulations from President Obama. (
* The line for Ben Bradlee‘s funeral. (@HowardKurtz) | Watch it on C-SPAN. (
* New York Times kills its standalone auto section. (
* “Asking if journalism is dying is no different from asking if vegetables are dying.” (Buswell Street)
* “We are not going to censor a student paper,” says the president of Missouri State University. ( | Still, this front page made him cringe, he says.
fbi* The FBI confirms it created a fake AP story to lure a suspect into downloading secret software. ( | Seattle Times has questions for the FBI. ( | Jeff Reifman: Take a deep breath and review the facts here. (
* Paul Smalera leaves the New York Times to become Ideas editor at Quartz. (@zseward) | Veteran media reporter Jeff Bercovici quits Forbes to become Inc.’s SF bureau chief. (
* Stephen Burgard, director of Northeastern University’s journalism school and longtime Los Angeles Times journalist, dies at 66. (