Morning Report for October 30, 2014

* New York Times Co. beats analysts’ third-quarter forecasts with a loss of $12.5 million. (Reuters via | (
* Ben Bradlee‘s funeral was “a statement of the man’s irreverence and verve.” ( | The word “dickhead” was used twice at Bradlee’s funeral. ( | Many gushing and heartfelt tributes. ( | Transcript and video of Quinn Bradlee‘s eulogy. (
* “I had fun” using a manual typewriter for a week, says student journalist Cory Blair, but “it was frustrating, my grades suffered and my productivity dropped.” (
* [Right] Screw ISIS and Ebola! There’s a cat stuck in a tree in Charlottesville, VA. (
* How Tim Cook came out in Businessweek: He pitched his piece to editor Josh Tyrangiel. (
* Family Circle hears from haters after profiling a gay family. (
* Banner Alzheimer’s Institute to journalists: Cover our briefing and you get $100. (
* Why Rupert Murdoch is still working at 83: “Curiosity,” he says. (
* The redesigned Flipboard is “broader but also more personal than ever.” (
* No sympathy for “whining” White House correspondents. (
* Gawker considers covering Albany. (
* FYI: It’s daylight saving time that’s ending – not daylight savings. (
* Verizon’s new tech site bans stories on U.S. spying. (