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I’ve spotted a few tweets about this email to Washington Post staffers:


* Best all-newsroom email in some time (@mikedebonis), October 28

Columbus Dispatch, October 31
The Plain Dealer/Northeast Ohio Media Group editorial board – the people who refuse to explain why they took down their Kasich/FitzGerald videoare explaining why they’ve withdrawn their “glowing” Sandra Williams endorsement. The state representative has pleaded no contest and found guilty of using $2,255 in campaign funds to buy, then sell Ohio State football season tickets.

When an editorial board member questioned Williams about possible personal problems while the endorsement was still under consideration, Williams implied then that she was dealing with a minor technical error in a campaign filing.

The board is now issuing no endorsement for the Ohio State District 21 race.

Meanwhile, Plain Dealer/Northeast Ohio Media Group opinion director Elizabeth Sullivan and her colleagues continue to get beat up for their silence on the video removal. On Thursday, it was the Rachel Maddow blog’s turn to kick Cleveland’s largest news organization, which has endorsed John Kasich for governor. He performed poorly in the video that the Plain Dealer/NEOMG didn’t want its readers to see.

* Sandra Williams is “a top-notch choice” for District 21 (
* Editorial board withdraws “glowing” Williams endorsement (
* Williams found guilty of profiting from football tickets (
* Hey, Crain’s, NEOMG’s Chris Quinn doesn’t return any media calls (

Donald Trump, who repeatedly sues and criticizes journalists and wishes newspapers be put to sleep, is speaking at a First Amendment event this month. I emailed Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications executive director David Tirrell-Wysocki on Thursday to find out why Trump was chosen, but didn’t get a response. I called him this morning and got voicemail, so I left a Why Trump? message. Come on, David, don’t be a “loser” – Trump’s favorite diss – and ignore us!

Update – Tirrell-Wysocki sends this email:

You guess wrong about Mr. Trump giving to the school.

We approached Mr. Trump when he was in NH last spring, told him about the school and asked if he’d be williing to donate his time as the keynote speaker at our annual fund-raising event. He agreed.

Donald Trump is our featured speaker for the same reason we have featured Vice President Joe Biden, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, columnist Pat Buchanan, NBC’s Tim Russert among others, as our speakers. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds, something that the First Amendment protects for all Americans; and they help the Nackey Loeb School of Communications promote the First Amendment and communications through the free courses we offer.

In that regard, Mr. Trump and all our speakers have shown themselves to be friends of journalism and we thank them all.

* Trump to speak at Loeb First Amendment Awards event ( | Release
* Comment: “Watch what you say about anything ‘Loeb'” (

* From Thursday’s Halifax Chronicle Herald. | Full image (
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