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* A.O. Scott reviews “The Imitation Game” ( | h/t @jayrosen_nyu
* Comments about movies and math from Romenesko readers (

* Kansas City Star photographer Jill Toyoshiba is arrested for stepping into the street during a Ferguson protest march. (
* The author of Rolling Stone’s explosive University of Virginia rape story feared readers would say, “We know about this problem,” and then turn the page. (
* Petitioners want to apologize for its story about Tamir Rice‘s parents. ( | “A line has been added to this story to give insight into the motivation to investigate the parents’ background.” (
hud* Hudson News is dropping “News” because “our stores are no longer newsstands, they’re travel essentials stores.” (
* Meet the new generation of baseball journalists – some of them still in middle school. (
* Florida Times-Union Photoshops a museum’s nude photo. Alt-weekly’s reaction: “There are better, more responsible ways to treat the subject matter at hand.” (
* David Holmes: “How many hours a year do bloggers, interns, and homepage editors of news sites spend writing the same article and embedding the same video as their competitors? Couldn’t this time be better devoted to finding new stories or new avenues for analysis?” (
* Omaha alt-weekly The Reader is going monthly “to cut its carbon footprint in half next year.” (
* Blame America – not the Internet – for clickbait and stupid memes. (
* Jon Stewart‘s “Rosewater” is a box office disappointment. (
* Missouri news organizations are kicked out of their Capitol offices and ordered into the basement for now. (
* Maya Pope-Chappell quits her Wall Street Journal social media editor job and joins LinkedIn. (@mayaj)
* Zero stars: Globe and Mail food critic tells readers to never eat at America at the Trump Hotel. (
* “Happy Danksgiving” from Denver Post. (


A Romenesko reader writes:

I thought you might be interested in reading an *editorial* that ran today in the Chronicle-Tribune, the newspaper in my hometown of Marion, Ind. I took the liberty of copyediting the piece, since no one else did prior to publication.

I think it’s worth mentioning that the C-T isn’t some podunk paper no one has heard of. It won the Hoosier State Press Association’s annual “Blue Ribbon” award (essentially designating it the top HSPA-member newspaper in the state) nine times, most recently in 2001. In the 1990s, the paper took turns with The Indianapolis Star for the honor.

Now they’re scrambling to vomit six inches of dirty copy onto an opinions page that doesn’t seem to present any identifiable opinions. (I can’t figure out what big lesson I’m supposed to learn from this piece.)

* See a larger view of the marked-up editorial (Google Drive)
* Happy Thanksgiving ( required)

New: Reaction from my Facebook friends and subscribers (

* Nasty times: “You can’t visit any sort of a website without getting into a fight” these days. ( | More sites are killing comments. (
* The first New York Times correction to include an illustration? (
* NPR staffers are told to avoid calling Michael Brown a “teenager.” (
* New York Times newsroom layoffs are likely. (
* A Ferguson bump for Fox News and CNN. (
* Vermont alt-weekly Seven Days hires journalists once employed by the local Gannett paper. (
* A judge is criticized for telling the Connecticut Law Tribune not to publish a story. ( | (
* Albany Times Union investigative reporter James Odato‘s leave is believed to be related to NXIVM litigation. (
* The “bad, sad” news at Tampa Bay Times and Tampa Tribune. (
* Jobs: KTOO in Juneau is looking for a news director. Temple seeks a visiting prof. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Wall Street Journal reporter Jon Hilsenrath: I met my wife covering Marion Barry‘s crack possession trial. (

For Members Only (FMO), which calls itself the “political voice of Northwestern University’s Black undergraduate student body,” held a “Ferguson Recap” discussion last night – an event that wasn’t covered by campus media today, only because they refused to play by FMO’s rules.fmo

From North by Northwestern’s editorial, with my boldface:

Earlier today [Tuesday], the executive board of For Members Only approached North by Northwestern and other campus media outlets to outline terms for coverage of their Ferguson recap event: Either we allowed FMO to review our coverage articles before publication or FMO would bar our reporters from entry.

FMO told the campus papers: “To be as clear as possible: unless you are willing to let us see the full text and quotes of the article before it goes to print, you will not be permitted to enter, record, or report on this event.”

The student editors said no to FMO. North by Northwestern told readers that “we value our integrity and independence highly …[and] letting a subject of coverage review an article before it goes to print is an unacceptable violation of journalistic ethics.”

The Daily Northwestern’s story today says about 300 people attended FMO’s Ferguson discussion. “The event was closed to the press,” the paper notes.

FMO’s adviser is Charles Kellom, who has a journalism degree. I’ve asked him about the group’s dealings with campus media.

* Why we didn’t cover FMO’s Ferguson Recap (

Update: The email to Northwestern campus media is after the jump. Read More

On the front page of today’s Mobile Press-Register:

* Mobile Press-Register front page for November 26 (


Geraldo Rivera is apparently referring to ugly comments (now deleted?) in this post praising President Obama “for having the courage or political will or for doing the hard cold political calculation finally to do the right thing for five million undocumented, but otherwise law-abiding immigrants.”

* Geraldo: “I’m turning your posts over to Fox News and Facebook” (

New: Who are the “authorities” at Fox News? (

* New York Times Magazine says Chris Christie “did not halt passage of a same-sex-marriage bill in New Jersey last year.” In fact, the New Jersey governor did halt the passage of a gay marriage bill by vetoing it. (
* When did “Don Lemon, CNN Anchor” become “Don Lemon aggressively subjective CNN polemicist”? (
* Mike Sager talks to Elon Green about his memorable 1989 Rolling Stone piece, “The Devil and John Holmes.” (
* BuzzFeed tells staffers: Bring in traffic and you’ll get an Apple Watch. (
* George Stephanopoulos interviewed Officer Darren Wilson for more than an hour at a “secret location.” (
* ASU’s Cronkite School is now offering sports journalism degrees. (
* Matt Gross has resigned as as editor-in-chief. He started the job on September 29. From the Globe’s memo: “While he is no less excited about the vision driving, Matt described the ongoing challenge of simultaneously helping to guide that transformation and raising a young family that remains in New York.” (
* Bill Cosby biographer Mark Whitaker says he should have pursued the sexual assault allegations more aggressively. ( | (
* founder Jim Brady hopes to make more than half of the site’s revenue from paid events and memberships. (


wtfMAD #531 (“The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014” issue) doesn’t hit iPads until December 5 – and newsstands even later – but the magazine is giving Romenesko readers an exclusive early look at “Dumb Item #13,” which is CNN’s endless Flight 370 coverage. The artist is Timothy Shamey.

* MAD Magazine


* The team that Matt Taibbi hired for The Racket will be let go (
* June 2014: Elle Reeve and Jonathan Schwartz join Matt Taibbi’s team (
* October 2014: Taibbi leaves First Look Media after disputes with bosses (