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Jian Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC last Sunday. This positive Post-Gazette feature about him, which went online October 19, runs in the November 2 “Sunday Extra” edition.

Update – The paper explains what happened:

Although the Post-Gazette’s Sunday Extra, a publication distributed as a promotion to non-subscribers, was distributed Nov. 2, it was prepared and laid out on October 22 and printed on October 23. The allegations against Ghomeshi surfaced on October 26. At the next printing of the Sunday Extra the PG will provide a clarifying note explaining these circumstances.

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– h/t Carmen Gentile

Thought Catalog publisher Chris Lavergne tells his staff that October was “an amazing success” for the website, but “naturally with the success comes rancor.”TC He claims the Washington Post’s October 21 piece on Thought Catalog “was filled with condescending rhetoric, suspect facts, and strange omissions.” He adds that Post reporter Tim Herrera is “a fanatical hater of Thought Catalog.” Lavergne wants the newspaper to disclose that “so that future readers know the context and stated bias of the reporter.”

That’s not going to happen, though; Post executive editor Marty Baron says the piece “was a fairly straightforward and expansively reported …[and] anything but inflammatory.”

The memo:

From: Chris Lavergne
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 6:10 PM
Subject: October: Our Best Month Ever (With One Concern)
To: “”

Thought Catalog, and key partners:

October was an amazing success for Thought Catalog. We launched our corporate website at and added two new members to the Thought Catalog family. We also had over 40 million readers this month — a new record for the site. Thought Catalog Books published a memo detailing the success of the division and our experiment with paid reading experiments. Every month things get more exciting.

Chris Lavergne

Chris Lavergne

Naturally with the success comes rancor. I know a lot of you were bewildered by the recent Washington Post piece on Thought Catalog. Tabloid blogs are welcome to slander and sensationalize things. It’s the web; pretty much anything goes. The Washington Post, though, is different. They are a respected journalistic establishment with a publicly posted code of ethics, and this piece clearly violates many of those tenets. It was filled with condescending rhetoric, suspect facts, and strange omissions. We recently learned this behavior made sense because the reporter misrepresented himself and was not a neutral third party but a fanatical hater of Thought Catalog for the last three years. The reporter, among other things, was the creator of a Tumblr called “Thought Catalog Haters.”/CONTINUES Read More