Austin paper ‘adjusts’ endorsement after learning of candidate’s 9/11 conspiracy views

- Austin American-Statesman's endorsement

– Austin American-Statesman’s endorsement

On October 13, the Austin American-Statesman endorsed Laura Pressley for city council, saying that “her actions and statements since [2011] have persuaded us that she has moved on from [her] fight” to remove fluoride from the city’s water.

Laura Pressley

Laura Pressley

Two weeks later, opinion page editor Tara Trower Doolittle wrote that the paper had fresh “concerns” about Pressley after reading a KUT public radio report, “which suggests that Pressley believes that the World Trade Center explosions on 9/11 were caused not by airplanes but by explosives that had been planted at the buildings.”

A piece in last week’s Austin Chronicle had to add to the Statesman editorial board’s concerns, too. The alt-weekly reported:

[Budget hawk Laura Pressley] talks a lot about “affordability”; she doesn’t talk at all about her fight against fluoridation of the city’s water supply, her belief that Austin Energy’s “smart meters” caused her legs to twitch, or her scorn for any attempt to keep military-style weapons off city streets. Pressley also doesn’t talk about her fear of smartphones, or her “gift” for sensing “vibrations” from cordless phones and iPads.

An Austin journalist who doesn’t want to be named writes in an email: “I feel these [city council] elections are crucially important, and for the daily to fail so dramatically in their due diligence is just astonishing.” Doolittle responds: “There are 78 folks running for city council, a historic number for us, and we do our best to vet them all.” The Pressley endorsement, she notes, was “adjusted.” | Update: “Austin City Council, District 4: Revised: No endorsement.”

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