Morning Report for November 4, 2014

Portland Press Herald columnist to Maine’s governor:

* Gov. Paul LePage says Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz will have to be put on suicide watch because the Maine governor will win his re-election bid. (AP via | Earlier: LePage tells a flight simulator to blow up the Press Herald building. (
* Tech reporter: “I always find it really off-putting when I get emails [from PR people] and they know all kinds of things about me they got on my Instagram account.” (
* For their new publication, Jill Abramson and Steve Brill will be using “a combination of very well-known established writers and rising stars, who we both have a pretty good habit of discovering.” (
* A DNAInfo Chicago reporter is kicked out of a school-closing meeting. “Several parents yelled that they wanted the reporter to stay, and asked church officials why they were hiding from the press.” (
* The Gun Crisis Reporting Project in Philadelphia scales back. (
* How news organizations cover themselves. (Bloomberg doesn’t.) (
election* Read this before Instagramming your ballot. (
* NPR warns about election day tweeting: “No cheering in the press box.” (
* Campaign ad wrap prompts Cleveland Scene to review its policy. (
* Election night drinking game suggestions: (
* Time Inc. beats Wall Street’s earnings forecasts. (
* Britt McHenry defends her controversial Redskins report: “At ESPN, we don’t just go on the air without properly vetting our material.” (
* Typewriter-lover Tom Hanks is coming out with a book with stories “that might have been written on typewriters.” (
* Former New York Times reporter Jonathan Hicks is dead at 58. (
* Jerry Seinfeld‘s interviewing skills examined. (
* TV critic James Poniewozik loves kids cooking show “MasterChef Jr.” (
* “The masthead of a Canadian magazine rarely triggers moral outrage.” (
* Scrolling through old Facebook posts “might be embarrassing, but it is possible to learn from it.” (
* Kate Moss contributed to British Vogue’s December issue. (
* Paul Carr‘s snarky Gawker class action suit update: ( | Gawker fiction. (