Bob Garfield’s hair looks fine now – so go ahead and give to ‘The Genius Dialogues’

Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten checked out Bob Garfield’s plan to interview MacArthur “genius grant” recipients and predicted that “this project is going to roar.” That’s not happening yet, unfortunately. There are just 69 hours left in “The Genius Dialogues” Kickstarter campaign and $27,698 is needed to meet the $38,500 goal.

Here’s what Garfield and associate Molly Barton are pitching:

Bob Garfield

Bob Garfield

We’ll spend time talking with MacArthur Fellows in a wide variety of fields and produce for you a series of videos, audio recordings and ebooks that share their stories. On our website we’ll blend text, audio, video, illustration and infographics into a seamless multimedia experience so you can deeply understand their work and their personal trajectory before and after being honored by the MacArthur Foundation.

Potato salad gets people to open their wallets, but this doesn’t? What’s going on?

“The first thing is, I do no not wish to suggest someone else’s project wasn’t deserving,” Garfield tells Romenesko readers. “I suspect his was an excellent potato salad. I’m not sure why we’ve struggled so. It may be our project was somehow a bad fit for Kickstarter.”

Maybe it had the whiff of big institutions that don’t need crowdfunding….although we get not a penny from the MacArthur Foundation. Or we may have failed to describe the project well enough. Looking at the video once again, it may have been my hair. Very bad hair day. On the other hand, 148 people had pledged nearly $11,000 with three days to go. So we did something right.

He adds that “judging by the election results, I think what could have put us over the top was a promise to repeal Obamacare. So I promise.”

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