Morning Report for November 6, 2014

* Finally, we have the lyrics to the “Morning Edition” theme song! (
* NPR gets into hip-hop and R&B. (
* What to do with that tweet idea you came up with in the shower. (
serial* “Serial” – a podcast brought to you by the “This American Life” people – is said to be a hit. (
* A big election night win for Fox News: 6,607,000 total viewers vs. CNN’s 1,936,000 and MSNBC’s 1,594,000. (
* How Time, Storyful and Vice News are using social media in their reporting. (
* Bob Schieffer‘s wife tells him: “When you start drooling, then it will be time to [retire].” (
* A powerful Penn State Collegian page one story. (
* Naturally, a banner ad is served up with New York Times’ “Fall of the Banner Ad” piece. (@TimMcDougall13)
* As if we didn’t know: The prof who came up with a “Doctor Who” college course admits it was a gimmick. (
* News video aggregator Watchup gets new funding from Tribune Media, McClatchy and others. (
* A C-SPAN “Washington Journal” caller is quickly cut off after using the n-word. (
* JOBS: A newspaper features editor and radio regional affairs desk editor wanted. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Toronto Star is dropping its paywall. (
* ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte begins his “goodbye tour.” (
* Rupert Murdoch‘s Australian says Murdoch’s bet on newspapers is paying off. ( | (
* Might Pierre Omidyar be interested in Digital First Media’s Bay Area newspapers? (
* Bloomberg Media is named “Most Innovative Publisher” by Digiday. (
aol* Average age? AOL still has 2.2 million dial-up subscribers. (
* This year’s Ernie Pyle Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Judith Martin, aka “Miss Manners.” (
* Pew Research: One-in-five Americans share their faith online in an average week. (
* “Gross and sophomoric” uwmadison_snaps “captured the lives of today’s college students in a way only an anonymous social media application is capable of.” ( | Students mourn its demise. (