When the Life logo was bumped for a rooster


Throwback Thursday: Life.com editor Ben Cosgrove says this is “the only cover among the thousands published by Life magazine, across five decades, that did not feature the famous red-and-white Life logo in the upper left-hand corner.” An editor’s note in the April 26, 1937, issue told readers that “Life’s title is not boldly superimposed on this week’s cover because that would have spoiled the composition” of the photo.

Cosgrove writes:

There’s something to be admired about a publisher who would forgo, even temporarily, his magazine’s distinctive logo simply because he felt it would impinge on the integrity of a photograph … of a rooster.

Nicely played, Mr. Luce. Nicely played, indeed.

* The rooster vs. the logo: A judgment call to crow about (time.com)