Morning Report for November 7, 2014

* Two investors say Orange County Register’s parent company is insolvent and mismanaged. Freedom Communications says “the company is not considering filing for bankruptcy.” ( | (
* New York Times auto editor Jim Cobb on his section’s demise: “It’s a sad thing, and it’s been fun, but there’s so much I wish we could have done.” (
* The Associated Press asks the Department of Justice to never again impersonate an AP reporter. (
* [Right] A Twin Cities TV station claims the mayor of Minneapolis flashed a gang sign. No, says a law prof, “she and the young man were just pointing at each other.” ( | Retraction and apology demanded. ( | The station’s report: (
* Would a real Will McAvoy get fired for his tweets? (
* Third season review: “‘The Newsroom’ is a show that’s smoothed itself out, for good and for bad,” writes Alan Sepinwall. (
* Bill Simmons blasts ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” show. He tweets that he’s never had respect for the pair. (
* Huffington Post suspends three journalists over a story with “no errors, fabrications or plagiarized quotes.” The problem was it relied on anonymous comments from another website. (
* White House background briefings “vary widely in usefulness, says NYT’s Mark Landler. (
* Anchorage’s KTUU-TV ran more U.S. Senate ads than any other station. (
* FYI: BuzzFeed doesn’t do clickbait. ( | Reaction to that claim: (
logo* You’re right, TV anchor: “Apparently there’s some kind of law that when Starbucks does anything, we have to put it on the news.” (
* Former Philadelphia newspapers co-owner George Norcross is apparently behind (
* Winners of the 2014 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards are named.(
* An examination of “basic.” (The term “is problematic because it is used to segregate and demean.”) (
* That’s not quite right, Justin Hall: “In ’93 you couldn’t just get an internet account; being in college was one of the only ways.” (Remember ExecPC?) (
* “Mobster cache” … or cachet? (@dgroff)