Serge Kovaleski is named New York Times Culture department investigative reporter

New York Times national correspondent Serge Kovaleski is joining the paper’s Culture department as an investigative reporter, where he will “explore everything from the inner workings of the Met to the evolving culture of EDM [electronic dance music].” He writes on his Facebook page: “It is a brand new world that I plan to storm and own for the Times. I am so excited to work for the amazing investigative editor Kevin Flynn and the phenomenal Culture editor Danielle Mattoon.

Looking At, and Into, Art
I have some great news for our culture coverage: Serge Kovaleski will be joining the department as an investigative reporter with a wide-ranging brief to explore everything from the inner workings of the Met to the evolving culture of EDM.newmem Read more in this note from Danielle Mattoon.

To many of us, Serge needs no introduction, but in an effort to distinguish the myth from the man I did some asking around. It soon became clear if you start talking to people about Serge, the conversation invariably turns to how there’s no one who won’t talk to Serge.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings it was Serge who finagled access to the Boston PD. After the Brooke Astor story broke it was Serge who started connecting dots, chasing paintings and relatives around New England, putting The Times ahead on the story. And it was Serge who, during the Spitzer investigation managed to track down Ashley Alexandra Dupré for comment.

Cops, criminals, reticent teenagers — all are apparently helpless. “He goes back and makes his case again and again, often in person, and in the end, people almost always talk,” one of his editors told me, describing the way Serge works.

I couldn’t be happier at the thought of all the things he will do in Culture. He will start the week of Dec. 8.