Morning Report for November 10, 2014

* Knoxville editor: “The incident was very sordid, and [Marlin] Lane’s behavior was shameful. But the News Sentinel decided not to write a story” after consulting guidelines. (
* MSNBC’s Obama-defending hosts seem “bizarrely tone deaf and lost in time,” says Michael Wolff. (
* MSNBC’s sinking ratings and the future of liberal TV. (
stole* Richard Mellon Scaife‘s children say money they were supposed to get was spent on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. One calls the paper “a waste of trust assets.” (
* “Two hundred and fifty million [for Jeff Bezos to buy the Washington Post]? Bupkis! He stole it.” (
* Who’s going to cover local news now that there are so few bodies in newsrooms? ( | Tampa Tribune kills Hernando Today. (
* The many definitions of “clickbait.” (
* Jill Abramson on her new venture: “We’re going to have a lean staff, we are going to be involved with multimedia integration, not for everything. I’m not a believer that video or motion graphics are appropriate for every long story. They’re great when they actually deepen the story and become an organic part of the reading experience.” (
* The Los Angeles Times fires sports journalist Mark Heisler – again. “I regret that I have only two lives to give the newspaper business – as if,” he writes. (
news* It’s Watertown, Aaron Sorkin, not Waterton! ( | (
* News personalization and other things Jay Rosen‘s “digital thinking” students are expected know by semester’s end. (
* The value of bad news. (
* Politico has a new look, and more changes are coming. (
* Breitbart blows it. (Blame this guy.) (
* “I never want to be that pretentious pot critic,” says Denver Post’s Jake Browne. (
* A Portland TV reporter was licked at a pot party. (
* JOBS: Newspaper feature editor and public radio desk editor positions are available. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Arkansas Times wasn’t allowed to listen to U.S. Sen.-elect Tom Cotton‘s telephone press conference. (
* The many owners of the suburban Chicago papers now owned by Tribune Publishing. (@mcarmichael)
* Jon Stewart sells his TriBeCa penthouse for $17.5 million. (