PR firm says local media outlets are good for trying out pitches before going national

A reporter writes: “For some reason, I am on an email list for Ditto Public Affairs, a PR agency, which sent me a link to an internal piece explaining – presumably to clients – why it is worth it to pitch to local media.ditto It is worth it because it builds a body of clips or videos that can lead to national coverage/publicity. My natural response would be: Note to ditto: screw you. Signed, local media, aka, not your stepping stone.

From Ditto’s post:

Even in smaller markets, such as Austin or Milwaukee, sitting down with local media is a good idea. But why is that worth your time? The answer is two-fold.

First, many people who hire a PR firm have never done an interview before. Local media can be a great introduction for them. It provides a way to refine messaging and generate a good base of interviews ranging from TV to radio. It also acts as a way to improve recognition amongst stakeholders and influencers in and around a metro area.

In addition, local media provides a PR firm with clips from TV, radio and print stories to send to national media. Yes, there you have it – local media can result in national coverage.

* Why local media is worth it, according to Ditto PR (