Morning Report for November 13, 2014

* Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Bill Livingston was ordered to write an apology letter to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. (
* A Palm Beach Post story prompts the sheriff’s department to pull its online booking blotter. (
* Choire Sicha on The Awl’s redesign: “I care more about agility, speed and readers’ ability to discover things than I do about colors or fonts or whatever.” (
* John Cook is leaving First Look Media’s The Intercept and returning to Gawker. (
* “Serial,” the podcast, becomes a cultural obsession. (
* “Good Morning America” led network morning shows with 30,000 U.S. Senate-focused ads during the 2014 election cycle. (
* Noted: “‘The James Franco Review’ is not meant as a joke. (
* PlayBuzz had more Facebook shares than BuzzFeed in October. (
* What does it take to “break the Internet”? (
* Matt Taibbi is writing sports features for Grantland. (@BillSimmons)
* Stephen Bloom‘s latest is a multi-media nonfiction package titled “Three Seconds: A Murder, Place, and Time.” (
* JOBS: A Northwest weekly is looking for reporters. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Twitter users conclude that Twitter is broken because Twitter’s mission statement is broken. (
* Roll Call’s Abby Livingston is named Texas Tribune Washington bureau chief. (
* Buffalo News proposes no raises for the paper’s journalists. (
* A Florida community college tells faculty members they aren’t allowed to talk to student journalists about contract talks. (
* A Bloomberg terminal gets a starring role on “The Newsroom.” (