Meet the fake reporters of

You’re not Charlotte Observer’s finance editor, Martin; you’re “Portrait of smiling business man” stock photo.

“Those credentials on that [Martin Glover] LinkedIn profile are not accurate,” Observer business editor John Arwood tells Romenesko readers. “No one named Martin Glover has worked in the newsroom during that time period.”

Glover is just one of the fake journalists on the website. Another one named “Julia Trello” says she was a Washington Post staff writer from 2010 to 2012; that’s not true, Post staffers tell me. (She’s never worked at the Los Angeles Times, either, I’m told.) Phoblographer editor-in-chief Chris Gampat tells us that he shot the photo that Trello is using on social media sites, and that Grace Morales is the model. Scroll down to see her photos.) Gampat says he’s reported Trello’s fake profile to LinkedIn.

Update: Gee, lead author Robin Renford, you sure look a lot like Columbia University professor Chris Blattman. (The prof tells he just learned about his photo being used on the fake profile. Thanks to Matthew Zeitlin for that find.)

I’ve called – “one of the leading online resources of product reviews and comparisons” – and asked for a comment.

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