Morning Report for November 14, 2014

* The Onion hires a financial adviser for a possible sale. ( | Vox should buy it and explain the jokes. (@joshgreenman)
* Conde Nast agrees to pay $5.8 million to settle former interns’ class-action lawsuit. (
forget* A misdirected World Health Organization email reveals that “BuzzFeed is banned.” (
* What happens when you put famous novelists’ words into the Hemingway app. (
* After his experience, Billy Penn founder Jim Brady sees value in “starting small and making every dollar count.” (
* Ken Doctor on Talking Points Memo: “A going concern, but like all others, still edgy about where money is going to come from in the next several years.” (
* So true: “We read into the New York Times Styles section as much as we read it. Is it irresponsible bullshit or harmlessly fatuous?” (
* UC Berkeley journalism students’ Richmond Confidential investigates Chevron’s campaign contributions. (
* Newspapers no longer care much about customer service. (
* Oklahoma Daily gets two universities to release parking ticket records. (
* Conan O’Brien chats with Chuck Todd. ( | Part Two
* Poynter, which has reported seven-figure losses in recent years, says it may sell land to University of South Florida. (
* After 32 years of losses, Washington Times expects to be profitable in 2015. (
* Claim: Fox News fails cultural conservatives with (nearly) around-the-clock coverage of Kim Kardashian‘s butt. (