Poynter Institute lost $3.5 million in 2013

The Poynter Institute announced late Friday afternoon – when bad news is always released – that it lost $3.5 million in 2013, and expects to report another loss at the end of 2014.
Poynter lost $1,747,581 in 2012, and $3,815,144 in 2011, according to public documents.

From Poynter’s story:

Poynter’s staffing levels dropped in 2014, [president Tim] Franklin said, and he declined to comment on whether they’d fall further in 2015, as his plans for next year’s budget are not yet complete.

Poynter has tightened its belt in a variety of ways in recent years. For example, it once put its National Advisory Board members up at the five-star Vinoy Hotel for their annual meeting; this year they were sent to the Hampton Inn.

Total compensation for highest-paid Poynter employees
Chairman Paul Tash: $516,040
Former president Karen Dunlap: $261,186
Treasurer Jana Jones: $300,604
Poynter Foundation president Christine Martin: $237,932
Vice president Roy Peter Clark: $139,154
Faculty member Butch Ward: $173,735
Faculty member Al Tompkins: $126,001
Faculty member Kenny Irby: $124,308
Faculty member Jill Geisler: $123,229
Faculty member Howard Finberg: $117,166

* A PDF of Poynter’s Form 990 is here.