Evening Report for November 17, 2014

* New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein‘s first published piece was about a piano mover. (It ran in the East Bay Express.) (berkeleyside.com)
* “Be a boat against the current,” Jill Abramson tells Phillips Exeter Academy students. (seacoastonline.com)
* Jamie Horowitz is out at NBC News, where he was a senior vice president and “Today” general manager. (deadline.com)
* Fun with design at New York magazine. (niemanlab.org)
* Natalie Pierre, who was accused of plagiarism and fired from the Tallahassee Democrat in late September, is now senior sports reporter at Al.com. (al.com)
head* Bob Sullivan: “If I hear one more analyst say this is a golden age of journalism, my head will explode.” (bobsullivan.net)
* NPR’s Scott Simon talks to CBS News about his Bill Cosby interview. (@CBSNLive) | (npr.org) | (ethics.npr.org)
* Vice Media tries science fiction. (publishersweekly.com)
* Court: Michael Lewis did not libel a money manager in “The Big Short.” (Reuters)
* Gerry Lenfest: “I’ve given over a billion dollars away to charitable causes, but nothing I’ve done has the importance of saving these [Philadelphia] newspapers.” (usatoday.com)
* Joe Biden chats with Bob Schieffer at the “Face the Nation” 60th anniversary bash. (@howardkurtz)
* San Francisco TV reporter expenses $600 worth of marijuana. “It turned out to be a great story,” says reporter Mike Sugerman. (cbslocal.com)