Morning Report for November 17, 2014

* “Great journalists are difficult,” a source tells Lloyd Grove for his First Look Media piece, “and I don’t think many people appreciate that the best journalists are also the hardest to manage.” (
* StoryCorps founder David Isay wins the $1 million TED prize. (
* “Unlike many who are born, live, and die in poverty, I got where I am today through my own efforts,” writes retired Washington Post Pulitzer-winner William McPherson. “I can’t blame anyone else.” (
terms* Seth Stevenson on end-user license agreements (aka Terms & Conditions): “What exactly are you agreeing to when you browse around on the Internet?” (
* AOL boss Tim Armstrong says “we are one of the biggest disruptors in the industry.” (
* Want to buy That’ll cost you $2 million. (
* Salt Lake Tribune has had a reporter on the polygamy beat since 2006. (
* A cute koala helps reporters forget about fiscal stimulus for a few minutes. (@ZekeJMiller)
* At The Marshall Project, “we will examine the failings of our criminal justice system — but also test promising reforms,” writes Bill Keller. ( | (
* JOBS: Want to do “real journalism” at a Northwest weekly? Check out this opening: (Romenesko Jobs)
* A hipster coffee shop is using a New York Times newspaper stand – but not to sell papers. (@jadmouawad)
end* Locally written movie reviews will no longer run in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (
* Homicide Watch D.C. is looking for a savior. (
* Portland (Maine) Phoenix is sold to Portland Daily Sun, another free newspaper. (
* Airbnb is putting out a quarterly print magazine. (Free story idea: “Ten Most Trashed Home Rentals”) (