Just a couple of ‘rich guys’ fooling the media

On Monday, Spokane’s KXLY-TV reported that “John Doe” – he didn’t want to give the station his name – was handing out cash to the homeless. “Every week as long as I can do this I’m going to try to hand out $5,000 or more,” the man told KXLY.
On Wednesday, KXLY reported that do-gooder Doe is a convicted felon who was just released from prison.images-1 “His criminal past raises serious questions about the origin of the stacks of cash he showed off to kxly4 cameras,” the station notes.

On November 4, Yahoo Finance reported that 27-year-old Financessful.com blogger Anton Ivanov “made his millions the old-fashioned way: He read books. He saved early and often. And he started planning his rise to millionaire status before most kids his age had their driver’s license.”
This week, Yahoo Finance told its readers that Ivanov now admits “that 75%-80% of his wealth consists of an inheritance that was left to him by his parents,” and that he didn’t make his money the old-fashioned way.

* Anton Ivanov, 27, is a self-made millionaire | Correction: He’s not (yahoo.com)
* “John Doe” hands out cash to the homeless | He’s a convicted felon (kxly.com)