Morning Report for November 20, 2014

* CPI’s new Couldn’t Be Reached Tumblr is about officials who refuse to comment. (
bill* “A chilling insight into why it took so long for the [rape] allegations against [Bill Cosby] to become a major news story.” ( | Pop culture writer: I should have asked Cosby about the allegations during my May interview. ( | BuzzFeed’s Kate Aurthur has been on the story. (
* AP: The November 6 Cosby interview was on the record with no restrictions. (
* Why the video was released just now: Lou Ferrara, AP managing editor for entertainment, says that “when we went back and looked at everything, combined with where the story is now, we realized that people would want to see the additional video. It has more significance and interest now than it did just a couple of weeks ago.”
* I suggest New York Times Magazine hire Jack Shafer to write a weekly media column. (
* Today’s inappropriate tweet: “Reported gunman on the FSU campus. Maybe he is heading for Jameis.” ( | (
* Washington Post aims to build a larger national audience with its new app for Amazon Fire owners. ( | (
* Jennifer Preston on New York Times’ Innovation Report: “There wasn’t anything new in there to anyone who had been in the sandbox trying to get things done. But what was fantastic about it is that it was said out loud.” (
* A “major” book deal for New York Times Kabul bureau chief Rod Nordland. (
* Times chief financial correspondent Floyd Norris is leaving the paper after 26 years. (
* Bill De Blasio vs. New York Post. (
* Orange County Register’s new publisher is nothing like Aaron Kushner. (
* There aren’t as many sex columns in college papers. One reason: Student journalists fear potential employers will be turned off by them. (
* Mizzou gets a $1 million gift to support community journalism. (