Homer Simpson, Lost Dogs and other Twitter bots from Nebraska journalism students

Matt Waite says his Story Bots course at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this semester “is really a programming class disguised as a journalism class.”

One of the assignments was to make a Twitter bot. They could do what they wanted with it, but it had to use Twitter and had to run on a simple cron job. It had to tweet, and they had to put their bot on Github when they were done (sans access keys).

The Homer Simpson quotes bot is cute, and this Lady Plath creation is clever, too: “Lady Plath takes a line from a Sylvia Plath poem and a line of Lady Gaga lyrics and randomly combines them into gloriously weird tweets.”

* A classroom experiment in Twitter bots and creativity (mattwaite.com)
* Students were told to make Twitter bots and “the results were awesome” (@mattwaite)