Morning Report for November 21, 2014

* A soldier is demoted after threatening Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Carl Prine‘s family. (
* NPR’s ombudsman praises Scott Simon‘s Bill Cosby interview. The host confronted the comedian “with genuine professional aplomb.” ( | Why didn’t journalists ask Cosby about the allegations a decade ago? (
* New York Times public editor on the Minnesota Grape Salad kerfuffle. ( | NYT’s Iowa cookie recipe is actually from Illinois. (
* [Right] The Family beat, sponsored by AARP! (
* How Daniel Asa Rose hurt the New Yorker’s feelings, and was punished for it. (
* A marriage proposal is hidden in a crossword puzzle. (
* New York Times memo: “If we do go to layoffs, there will not be any taps on the shoulder.” (
* Brian Hieggelke on print publications: “We’re the cat of the media world, perhaps, working our way through our nine lives. …Print media – the realm where I’ve spent most of my adult life – has died at least three times in the last century.” (
* What media company CEOs say, and what they really mean. (
* Another college newspaper tries crowdfunding: Daily Californian seeks $15,000. (
* What next? Gawker and Bloomberg strike a partnership deal? (
* “It seems evident that Us Weekly made a serious error in either its reporting or headline writing” with its “Today” show report. (
* San Francisco Bay Guardian alums are raising money for a final commemorative issue. (
* Was there a font large enough for this station’s EXCLUSIVE headline? An arsonist confesses to a TV crew at the fire scene. (