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Here’s The Daily Currant’s satirical piece about Kanye West claiming he has a nicer butt than wife Kim Kardashian. The website points out on its About page that “our stories are purely fictional [but] meant to address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to real events happening in the world.”

“I Was Misinformed” columnist Joyce Wadler isn’t the only person who’s been fooled by The Daily Currant. I’ve noticed in my Facebook news feed that people are posting the website’s latest Sarah Palin story – “Palin: Send immigrants ‘back across ocean’ to Mexico” – and apparently not realizing it’s a goof.

* Fear of Kim Kardashian’s derriere (with correction) ( | Satirical piece
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Indianapolis Star executive editor Jeff Taylor decided to pull Gary Varvel’s cartoon after it was widely criticized on social media over the weekend. He writes:

I was uncomfortable with the depiction when I saw it after it was posted. We initially decided to leave the cartoon posted to allow readers to comment and because material can never truly be eliminated once it is circulating on the web. But we are removing the cartoon from the opinion section of our website, as well as an earlier version posted on Facebook that showed one character with a mustache.

The editor calls his conservative cartoonist‘s depictions “inappropriate” and says Varvel could have made his point in other ways.

“There’s no humor in it,” one of my readers writes, and “it is clearly racist. However, I think the paper erred in taking it down and apologizing for it. If you printed it in the first place, you should stand by your decision, leave it up, and take your lumps.” I agree.

* We erred in publishing cartoon, says executive editor (
* Immigrant’s mustache is removed in one version of the cartoon (@BradwellsNFL)
* There was a heated discussion about this on my Facebook page (