FSU student editor says naming the library shooter ‘would be insensitive’ to the victims

- FSUNews.com on November 19

– FSUNews.com on November 19

FS View editor-in-chief Setareh Baig [pictured below] says her staff unanimously decided not to name Myron May as the Strozier Library gunman “because tact and sensitivity outweighed the immediacy of his identification and the sensationalizing of his crimes during this time.” She adds that “that publishing the name of the shooter would be insensitive to our peers who were victims in this tragedy.”

Oftentimes, media glorifies mass shooters, and coverage becomes saturated with the shooters’ names.Setareh Baig The “glory” goes to the gunmen and the victims are often forgotten. The FSView made the ethical decision to not feed into this trend of glorifying mass shooters.

The excessive media coverage could potentially lead to copycat gunmen who want to receive the same notoriety and go on to commit atrocities in the name of being recognized. Although we did report important details about the shooter, we did not include his name.

Here’s an example of how the paper is covering May without naming him.

FSU View is Gannett publication, supervised by the Tallahassee Democrat.

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