Morning Report for November 24, 2014

* The word internship is now tainted by lawsuits, so more news sites are using fellowship. (
* Nicholas Lemann: “It’s natural to wonder whether there’s something each of us can do to emulate Google, with directionally similar, if perhaps more modest, results.” (
jail* A Key West Citizen reporter is accused of dining-and-dashing at Denny’s, then trying to run down the restaurant manager. ( | h/t Bill Cooke
* Texas A&M’s journalism program is “training future Aggie journalists to report the news without bias.” (
* “I am more than an immigration activist,” says journalist Jose Antonio Vargas. (
* Harper’s publisher John R. MacArthur says New York Times “only pays lip service to the left, mostly through its star columnist Paul Krugman.” (
* Students in John McPhee‘s writing class at Princeton “were competing not for a grade, but for his approval.” (
* Frank Rich, Carl Bernstein and other journalists recall hearing about President Kennedy’s assassination. (
* The Wrap’s editor apologizes for a guest post about Bill Cosby. ( | David Carr on the Cosby allegations: “I was one of those who looked away.” (
* Praise for Bloomberg News reporter Leonid Bershidsky‘s stories from Berlin. (
* Of course TV anchors want to interview the cop who shot Michael Brown. (
* GamerGate vs. Gawker, cont’d. (