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* New York Times Magazine says Chris Christie “did not halt passage of a same-sex-marriage bill in New Jersey last year.” In fact, the New Jersey governor did halt the passage of a gay marriage bill by vetoing it. (
* When did “Don Lemon, CNN Anchor” become “Don Lemon aggressively subjective CNN polemicist”? (
* Mike Sager talks to Elon Green about his memorable 1989 Rolling Stone piece, “The Devil and John Holmes.” (
* BuzzFeed tells staffers: Bring in traffic and you’ll get an Apple Watch. (
* George Stephanopoulos interviewed Officer Darren Wilson for more than an hour at a “secret location.” (
* ASU’s Cronkite School is now offering sports journalism degrees. (
* Matt Gross has resigned as as editor-in-chief. He started the job on September 29. From the Globe’s memo: “While he is no less excited about the vision driving, Matt described the ongoing challenge of simultaneously helping to guide that transformation and raising a young family that remains in New York.” (
* Bill Cosby biographer Mark Whitaker says he should have pursued the sexual assault allegations more aggressively. ( | (
* founder Jim Brady hopes to make more than half of the site’s revenue from paid events and memberships. (


wtfMAD #531 (“The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things of 2014” issue) doesn’t hit iPads until December 5 – and newsstands even later – but the magazine is giving Romenesko readers an exclusive early look at “Dumb Item #13,” which is CNN’s endless Flight 370 coverage. The artist is Timothy Shamey.

* MAD Magazine


* The team that Matt Taibbi hired for The Racket will be let go (
* June 2014: Elle Reeve and Jonathan Schwartz join Matt Taibbi’s team (
* October 2014: Taibbi leaves First Look Media after disputes with bosses (

In September, Debbie Luczak Hoffman was dismissed as the Wall Street Journal’s awards coordinator after 22 years. She tells me this morning that she’s back in business, offering her services to news organizations and individuals. (Hoffman already has one client.)

From her LinkedIn profile:

Send us your award-worthy articles with descriptions of their merits. We’ll take it from there.images

We’ll line up the contests, complete the entry forms down to the last punctuation mark.

We’ll gather the supporting materials and ensure that all the entry requirements are met.

We never miss deadlines.

We bring 20 plus years of our experience to position your work for success. That is our expertise. We free your expertise to continue developing the great work needed to enter the awards contests you know you could win.

Hoffman, who expects to have a website up in two weeks, can be reached at

* Earlier: WSJ lays off its awards coordinator after 22 years (

* A Montana editor who was arrested at an accident scene reportedly told the trooper: “I’m the (expletive) editor of the local paper, you (expletive) arrest me, what a dumb (expletive) (expletive) move.” (
* Emily Bell: “We have to stop coverage of technology being about queuing for an iPhone and make it about society and power.” (
* Ferguson scenes captured by St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographers. ( | Post-Dispatch front page. ( | More front pages. (@glanzpiece)coffee
* [Right] “The Yeller” is just one of seven types of bosses who make our lives miserable. (
* Nikki Finke – “The Pythia of Hollywood” – makes Le Monde. (
* New York Times’ standards editor warns about Christmas cliches. ( | More cliches. (
* Kinsey Wilson is named New York Times editor for innovation and strategy. (
* Why we watch “The Newsroom”: “[The show’s] complete wrongness only serves to reinforce our own ‘correct’ beliefs.'” (
* Ex-Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson seeks $25,000 to launch a site that investigates corrupt “prominent powerful media public figures.” (
* Halifax Chronicle Herald: “We’ve decided to publish the name of the [suicide] victim in this story, despite a court-ordered ban.” (
* Voice of San Diego celebrates ten years with a re-launch. (
* The AAN Awards will now have cash prizes, thanks to a couple of “alt-weekly legends.” (
* A citizen journalist’s iPhone is stolen while he’s livestreaming the Ferguson protests. (
* ICYMI from Ferguson: “Fuck CNN.” (
* Newspapers are dying in Ireland, too. (

- Mock-up (left) and final edition

A Daily News courts reporter tweets about the cover on the left:

* “Why the media bears responsibility for fueling these riots” (@NumbersMuncher)

Update: My earlier headline said the cover was dumped. Colin DeVries reports it’s one of three News covers being sold today.