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For Members Only (FMO), which calls itself the “political voice of Northwestern University’s Black undergraduate student body,” held a “Ferguson Recap” discussion last night – an event that wasn’t covered by campus media today, only because they refused to play by FMO’s rules.fmo

From North by Northwestern’s editorial, with my boldface:

Earlier today [Tuesday], the executive board of For Members Only approached North by Northwestern and other campus media outlets to outline terms for coverage of their Ferguson recap event: Either we allowed FMO to review our coverage articles before publication or FMO would bar our reporters from entry.

FMO told the campus papers: “To be as clear as possible: unless you are willing to let us see the full text and quotes of the article before it goes to print, you will not be permitted to enter, record, or report on this event.”

The student editors said no to FMO. North by Northwestern told readers that “we value our integrity and independence highly …[and] letting a subject of coverage review an article before it goes to print is an unacceptable violation of journalistic ethics.”

The Daily Northwestern’s story today says about 300 people attended FMO’s Ferguson discussion. “The event was closed to the press,” the paper notes.

FMO’s adviser is Charles Kellom, who has a journalism degree. I’ve asked him about the group’s dealings with campus media.

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Update: The email to Northwestern campus media is after the jump. Read More

On the front page of today’s Mobile Press-Register:

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Geraldo Rivera is apparently referring to ugly comments (now deleted?) in this post praising President Obama “for having the courage or political will or for doing the hard cold political calculation finally to do the right thing for five million undocumented, but otherwise law-abiding immigrants.”

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