Weekend Report for November 29-30, 2014

* Kansas City Star photographer Jill Toyoshiba is arrested for stepping into the street during a Ferguson protest march. (kansascity.com)
* The author of Rolling Stone’s explosive University of Virginia rape story feared readers would say, “We know about this problem,” and then turn the page. (washingtonpost.com)
* Petitioners want Cleveland.com to apologize for its story about Tamir Rice‘s parents. (moveon.org) | Cleveland.com: “A line has been added to this story to give insight into the motivation to investigate the parents’ background.” (cleveland.com)
hud* Hudson News is dropping “News” because “our stores are no longer newsstands, they’re travel essentials stores.” (skift.com)
* Meet the new generation of baseball journalists – some of them still in middle school. (newyorker.com)
* Florida Times-Union Photoshops a museum’s nude photo. Alt-weekly’s reaction: “There are better, more responsible ways to treat the subject matter at hand.” (folioweekly.com)
* David Holmes: “How many hours a year do bloggers, interns, and homepage editors of news sites spend writing the same article and embedding the same video as their competitors? Couldn’t this time be better devoted to finding new stories or new avenues for analysis?” (pando.com)
* Omaha alt-weekly The Reader is going monthly “to cut its carbon footprint in half next year.” (thereader.com)
* Blame America – not the Internet – for clickbait and stupid memes. (washingtonpost.com)
* Jon Stewart‘s “Rosewater” is a box office disappointment. (cnn.com)
* Missouri news organizations are kicked out of their Capitol offices and ordered into the basement for now. (columbiatribune.com)
* Maya Pope-Chappell quits her Wall Street Journal social media editor job and joins LinkedIn. (@mayaj)
* Zero stars: Globe and Mail food critic tells readers to never eat at America at the Trump Hotel. (globeandmail.com)
* “Happy Danksgiving” from Denver Post. (thecannabist.co)