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Weight dispute

Times-Picayune editor Jim Amoss writes:

Math, even simple weights, are not most journalists’ strong suit, so we turned to our circulation director, Philip Ehrhardt. Ad inserts vary by geographic location, he noted. We don’t know where or how the Baton Rouge paper’s editor reached his conclusions about our Thanksgiving Day edition, but Mr. Ehrhardt weighed The Times-Picayune’s Thanksgiving Day paper in one of our key areas, Covington, La., north of New Orleans: 4 lbs. 11 ounces.

Update – Advocate editor Peter Kovacs writes: “Scales don’t lie. Here is a photo of Thursday’s Times-Picayune, purchased in the New Orleans area, weighing in at 3 lb 4 oz.”scale

No fingers on the scale! Post your Turkey Day paper’s weight in comments, or email it to me and I’ll post.

* Thanksgiving ads still keeping some of the lights on this year (@AMLwhere)
* “@StarTribune weighed in at a whopping 5.0 pounds” (@markmywordz415)
* Thursday’s Fort Myers News-Press reportedly weighed 6 pounds (@accionwhisky)
* “@Tennessean was so big it wouldn’t hang on my doorknob” (@Bezzie75)

New: More Thanksgiving newspaper weights and comments (

- Chicago Tribune, December 1

– Chicago Tribune, December 1

* “Lol … My Chicago Cubs are in 1st place in the NBA” (@titocjr)

– Photo by Jerome Ludwig | h/t Roy Kissel

- "Bad Reporter" for November 28 (condensed)

– “Bad Reporter” for November 28 (condensed)

“Has the Chronicle outed Graham and McConnell?” asks San Francisco gay activist Michael Petrelis. “To my queer mind, the answer is yes.”

Not so quick, Michael!

I asked “Bad Reporter” cartoonist Don Asmussen about the activist’s remark and he replied: “I’m pretty sure I actually outted my aunt and grammy as politicians. And believe me, they were.”

* SF Chronicle outs Sens. McConnell and Graham as gay? (Michael Petrelis)

- Sunday and Monday front pages

– Sunday and Monday front pages

The Desert Sun is using retro black-and-white design for its 5-part “Gangsters in Paradise” series, which started Sunday. Managing editor Liz Nelson tells Romenesko readers that the project appears to be a hit.

“Several staffers reported finding empty news racks and racks where folks just took the A section for the cover and left the holiday weekend coupons,” she says. “The series started Sunday and will end Thursday with an evening event — we’ve already sold 55 tickets to this thing: Dinner, drinks and stories about the mob in Palm Springs.”

The Sun, a Gannett paper, is distributed in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley of Southern California.

* Gangsters in Paradise: A Five-Part Series (
* Sunday’s front page | Monday’s front (

- Original cover line (left) and the replacement

– Original cover line (left) and the replacement

Update: AARP says it did not take Bill Cosby’s name off its magazine cover because of recent rape allegations. This statement is from AARP The Magazine editor-in-chief Robert Love:

AARP did not pull or remove editorial content relating to the “Bill Cosby Still Making Us Laugh” article from the October/November print issue of AARP The Magazine that featured Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge on the cover.

AARP The Magazine is actually the only lifestyle publication that publishes three demographically versioned editions of its issue to members that address the evolving life stages of 50+ adults. With the AARP’s diverse member base, there are some differences in the editorial content and cover lines for each segmented version of the magazine to better suit subscribers of different demographics and readership.

In this case, version C included the Bill Cosby story mention; however, it doesn’t appear or appears different in the other versions. To clarify, all three versions of the Oct/November AARP The Magazine were published and shipped to our readers prior the recent allegations in October and November.

* Post about AARP scrubbing Bill Cosby from its magazine cover is corrected (

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