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* Ball State’s Brad King: “With respect to my colleagues across the United States who are diligently working on transforming journalism education,new I co-developed [a new] program because it felt like journalism and its companion education had lost its way.” (
* James Shanahan leaves Boston University to become founding dean of Indiana University’s Media School. (idsnews)
* Jeff Zucker says HLN isn’t for sale and Vice Media’s Shane Smith – he was eyeing the network – is an “asshole.” (
* Fusion’s latest hires include editorial director Hillary Frey. (
* Brian Williams takes the night off so he can have some “Peter Pan” time. (
* San Diego Magazine’s guide to what to ask before accusing another writer of stealing from you. ( | Claim: San Diego Magazine stole “my hard work and name.” (
* Valerie Jarrett agrees to an interview do-over after WaPo’s Joe Heim discovers his tape recorder wasn’t working. (
* A shrink analyzes the “Serial” podcast. (
* An Apple Watch for everyone at BuzzFeed! (
* A $15,000/month loft was once the home of the Venice (CA) Vanguard newspaper. (
* Pew examines journalism partnerships. (
* “Publishers failed to change the model in a significant way, and papers will eventually die under these metaphorical dinosaurs.” (John Trump)


New Republic veterans Franklin Foer and Leon Wieseltier have resigned, and Gabriel Snyder has been named editor.

Michael Calderone writes:

There has recently been speculation that Foer might leave the magazine, which he returned to edit in 2012. Some staffers feared that owner and publisher Chris Hughes and chief executive Guy Vidra are too focused on increasing Web traffic, and that such a strategy could pull the magazine away from its legacy of narrative journalism and criticism.

Memo to TNR staff: “We’ve made the decision to reduce the frequency of our print publication from 20 to 10 issues a year and will be making improvements to the magazine itself. …These are exciting times for our company which will demand change.”

* Frank Foer, Leon Wieseltier out at TNR ( | (
* The magazine will move to New York’s Union Square (@joepompeo)
* Dylan Byers: TNR has been lying about this for well over a month (@DylanByers)

* Jonathan Chait hopes “one day this vital American institution can be rebuilt” (
* “The white male journalist internet” is very upset about this (

1509652_10202695019650385_5281575654687844629_nIf you’ve ever worked at the Waterbury (CT) Republican-American, there’s a good chance your face is on the newspaper’s “Ghost of Christmases Past Tree” on the right.

For the past ten years, newsroom staffers have put up a tree and decorated it with photos of former colleagues. “Most are from the past 20 years, but a few go farther back than that,” says design editor Scott Griffin. “We’re up to 183 people now.”

This year, the paper has its largest tree ever – and the most faces.

“There are a few dead people on there,” notes Griffin. “There are a few old guys who were here in the 1960s and 1970s who probably all retired by at least the 1980s. …There are also a few who were here and left and returned. So we put them on to honor their original departure.”

News editor Bill O’Brien, who has been with the paper for 19 years, is credited with keeping the annual tradition going. “He spends a lot of time putting this together, finding photos, printing, cutting, etc.,” says Griffin, who has been at the Republican-American for two decades.

“A few people think it’s morbid but we have a lot of fun with it. It brings back a lot of memories. Everyone spends a few minutes looking at it trying to remember names.”

* Check out the “ornaments” on the newsroom tree (
* “We decorated a Christmas tree with pink slips one year” (

A ROMENESKO READER writes after reading Wednesday’s post about the Gannett recruiter trying to fill newsroom leadership positions:


I wanted to let you know that I received one of these messages from this recruiter through LinkedIn, too. AND I HAVE BEEN LAID OFF FROM TWO DIFFERENT GANNETT PAPERS IN THE PAST THREE YEARS! I simply clicked “Thank you but I am not interested.”

My Google search confirms the letter-writer has worked for two of Gannett’s largest newspapers.

* Gannett recruiter: Will you spread the word about our openings? Journalist: Hell, no! (

New: It appears many journalists are hearing from the recruiter (@InvestigateMT)

From Ryan Glasspiegel’s interview with departing ESPN ombud Robert Lipsyte

* Robert Lipsyte Q&A ( | His last ESPN ombud column (

* Matthieu Aikins was in Evanston Wednesday to accept the James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism. ( | What Aikins told the Northwestern University audience: (
* Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian will be held in Iran for another two months. (* A high school student’s petition drive targets the Minneapolis Star Tribune. ( | Petitioners are upset about this ad: (
* Oregonian’s Rob Davis: “Few things as disappointing as seeing your work recycled without attribution and passed off as original research.” (@robwdavis) | His story; KATU’s story.
* It’s too early to say if the New York Times will replace advertising columnist Stuart Elliott, says the paper’s spokesperson. ( | Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse on the reaction to his buyout: “It feels like I’m reading my obituary.” (@greenhousenyt)timesdown
* [RIGHT] Times down! (@aaronmedwards)
* A judge now says it’s OK for Connecticut Law Tribune to publish a story about court battle involving juveniles. Dozens of media outlets protested his earlier decision. (
* Choke Cop Cleared: Today’s New York tabloid covers. (@jfdulac)
* Memo: “Approximately 100 colleagues across several business units of the [Orange County] Register and The Press-Enterprise will be leaving us.” (
* The attorney for Patch’s Joe Hosey – found in contempt for not naming a source – argues the reporter’s case before an appeals court. (
* Mat Honan quits Wired to run BuzzFeed’s new Silicon Valley bureau. ( | He’s hiring. (@jessmisener)
* Boston Globe’s expanded business section debuts. (
* senior sports producer Sean Leahy is named Boston Herald sports editor. (
* Bloomberg Pursuit’s top two editors are ousted. Josh Tyrangiel & Co. will now run the luxury personal finance magazine. (
* RIP St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Bryan Burwell. He was 59. (
* Denver Post fires sports reporter Adrian Dater for offensive social media postings. “I caused my own problems and have to own them,” he says. (
* Claim: Palm Beach Post’s top managers don’t give to the paper’s annual Season to Share campaign. (
* Modern Farmer founder and editor Ann Marie Gardner steps down after disputes with her investor. (
* Oxford Dictionaries Online adds “duck face,” “man crush” and other terms. (