Exit interview with New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse

From Hamilton Nolan’s interview with New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse, who is leaving the paper after taking a buyout:
“The NYT has a long and distinguished history of covering issues involving workers and labor unions, and I am confident that the Timessteven will continue to give serious attention to these issues, whether it is stagnating wages or the protests of the Fight for 15 fast-food movement.”

“The number of full-time reporters who covered labor fell sharply over the past 7 to 10 years as newspapers downsized. But labor coverage – by full-time and part-time reporters – has rebounded recently, at least somewhat, in response to the battles over collective bargaining in Wisconsin and Ohio, the right-to-work fight in Michigan in response to the rise of the fast-food workers’ movement as well as growing concerns about income inequality and declining living standards for the nation’s middle class.”

* Q&A with Steven Greenhouse, one of America’s last labor reporters (gawker.com)