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Rolling Stone veteran Matt Taibbi’s tweets about the magazine’s rape-story fiasco:
* A few words about this UVA business, since people are asking…
* First, like everyone else at the magazine, I’m both mortified and sorry — for the public, for anyone affected, and for the source herself.

Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi

* Managing Editor Will Dana is a mentor and friend who has always had my back and is one of the few true good people in this business.
* I’m broken up for him.
* People also need to understand that the mistake here did not involve the fact-checking department.
* I was so surprised because Coco McPherson’s fact-checking operation is so intense that it’s nearly caused me nervous breakdowns in the past
* It usually takes longer to fact-check a Rolling Stone feature than it does to write it. Each review is like an IRS audit. It’s miserable.
* At RS, they don’t accept notes as backup. You must have everything on tape or video, or sources must speak directly with fact-checkers
* I’m just explaining to people what my experience with this magazine has been. I’m sure other RS contributors will say exactly the same.

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