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* Above: “The WSJ page 1 quote to end page 1 quotes.” (@EvelynRusli) | (
* Report: New York Times reporter James Risen won’t be forced to name his source. (
* The New Republic walkouts left owner Chris Hughes “shocked” and “contrite.” ( | (
* Jack Shafer: Too many “chickenshit” anonymous sources in the stories about TNR. (@jackshafer) | (@jackshafer)
* “Do numbers help explain what happened at The New Republic?” (
car* Dear Auto Industry: The people who cover you want more free stuff. (
* Maureen Dowd was just “air-kissing” in the emails that BuzzFeed published, says New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. ( | One view: BuzzFeed shouldn’t have posted Dowd’s emails. (
* Media outlets showed little interest in the FOIA Improvement Act of 2014. (
* The new owner of Parade cuts ad rates. A four-color ad full-page that previously cost $924,209 is now $667,165. (
* David Carr says going out to lunch is “sort of a lost art for reporters.” (
* FAIR didn’t get the memo: It blasts NPR for not using the word “torture.” ( | NPR memo: It’s OK to use “torture.” (
* “2015 is the year of monetization” for Circa. (
* Report: deputy editor Hilary Sargent is suspended for a week for peddling a Harvard Biz School prof-related T-shirt. (
* President Obama spends his mornings watching ESPN. (
* Let’s end the week with some good news about journalism. (

The New Jersey Herald reported this week [with my boldface] that erratic driver and drug possessor Julie Lang “was arrested and taken to headquarters where she was given an Alcotest and a digital rectal exam.”

Wrong! No bottoms were touched during the processing of the traffic/drug violator.

Police spokesman’s advisory to media:

Julie Lang: Was *not* given a rectal exam

Julie Lang: No rectal exam

The lieutenant says he “was in shock” when he read the Herald’s claim that the woman was given a rectal exam.

“I don’t know if they looked it up,” he tells’s “The Auditor” columnist. “If you look up DRE, some search engines show” digital rectal exam.

“The Auditor” writes:

Kmetz said he frequently uses the DRE acronym in press releases, but “now I’ll know to be more careful” and will explain it.

Kmetz said he sent out the advisory to the media because “I didn’t want another news guy to make the same mistake.”

A rectal exam “is not a procedure we can do,” he said. “Only a medical professional can do that. You need a warrant.”

This now appears at the bottom of the Herald article: “Editor’s Note: This story has been updated from its original version which expanded an abbreviation in an incorrect manner. Lang was seen by a drug recognition expert.”

* News site gets to the “bottom” of things before issuing correction (
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I’m sorry I’m missing this lecture today:history

* This weekend’s Official Star Trek Convention in San Francisco (

h/t Tan Hoang

University of Montana adjunct journalism professor Gwen Florio – always looking for grammar/style violations – says “my aim is to make my students just as crazy” about errors.

* RIP Michel du Cille. “We have lost a beloved colleague and one of the world’s most accomplished photographers,” says Washington Post executive editor Marty ( | ( | (
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* If the New York Times had done the “Jackie” story, “I would have insisted that we talked to the accused,” says Dean Baquet. (
* Twitter suspends a Berkeley journalist’s account after he tweets information from a public document. (
* Gannett’s digital advertising company settles with six states on privacy violations. (
* Maureen Dowd‘s promise to Sony exec: “I would make sure you look great” in a column. (She gave the exec’s husband a look at the piece before publication.) ( | “For anyone else at the NYT, seems like this would be a firing offense.” (@dicktofel)
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* Ethicist: “There are [journalism] standards that still apply and one of them isn’t to make T-shirts about the story you just reported.” ( | (Bostinno)
* The INNformer is probably the only newspaper in the world that’s delivered via Jaguar. (
* Politico: To pillory Charles C. Johnson is to promote him. (
dis* Facebook considers a “Dislike” button… ( | …and decides it’s “not something we think is good for the world.” (
* Michael Wolff says there are too many cooks in the kitchen at NBC News. (
* Forbes moves to Jersey City. (
* If conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz buys the Denver Post, “it will really mean Doomsday for daily newspapers in Denver.” (
* Knoxville is getting a new newspaper. (
* JOBS: Wanted – Journalism teachers, editors and reporters. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Fox News correspondent Dominic Di-Natale dies at 43 from an apparent suicide. (Variety/
* Bill O’Reilly‘s producer ambushes New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during a press conference and gets escorted out. ( | (
* More “torture” guidance from NPR. (
* Monterey Herald’s newsroom union approves a no-raise contract with an extra paid day off. (