Morning Report for December 16, 2014

* Patch’s Joseph Hosey will not have to reveal his anonymous source. (
* New York magazine’s Jessica Pressler is “moderately surprised” that a teenager she profiled didn’t really make $72 million. ( | The magazine “is looking into it further.” (
* New York: “We were duped; our fact-checking process was obviously inadequate.” (
* Vice Media would be stupid not to consider an IPO, says CEO Shane Smith. (
* We need a magazine that only covers doings at The New Republic. (
* Everyone knows freelancing sucks. (
* Freelancer Stacy Brown called Bill Cosby and “to my surprise, he just picked up the phone.” (
* The founders of the New Times alt-weekly chain are establishing a Chair in Borderlands Issues at Arizona State University. (
* Why journalists continue to report from dangerous places. (
* New York Times layoffs begin today. (
* Jacob Weisberg: News organizations should cover the Sony hacks, but not report “the fruits of the digital break-in.” (
* Don’t kill comments; fix them. (
* Alex Burns quits Politico after six years and may be headed to the New York Times. (
* An AP reporter is ordered out of an open court hearing in St. Louis – a mistake, says the mayor’s spokesperson. (
* New York Times could do a lot better when it comes to linking to other sites, says its standards editor. (
* “You filthy grub”: Rupert Murdoch is blasted for congratulating the Daily Telegraph for catching “the bloody outcome [in Sydney] at 2 a.m.” (@rupertmurdoch)
* Union journalists in the UK refuse assignments normally given to photographers. (
* Another study we really didn’t need: “Gossipy magazines were more likely to disappear [from a patient waiting room] than non-gossipy ones.” (