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A Romenesko reader sends this autoreply from ReadWrite editor-in-chief Owen Thomas. (My correspondent says the email response shows an “overblown sense self-importance.”) My question: Why are you still tweeting this week, Owen?


Hey there.

Thanks for sending me an email, but … you really should be doing something else with your time.

I’m on vacation, returning to the office on December 29, 2014.

Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas

If this is about CES, I’m not going. Please stop wasting your time.

If this is a news pitch, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t email me. I’m ReadWrite’s editor-in-chief. I’ve got plenty to do. I’m not sitting around waiting for you to pitch me news. Send pitches to We have this nifty new system from Zendesk so we can sort through your pitches there as a team. Still, we will probably ditch your pitch, unless it’s really amazing. If you think your pitch is amazing, you’re probably wrong. But keep on dreaming the dream!

If this is some kind of massive editorial emergency, email David Hamilton at Your pitch or guest post is not an emergency.


Owen Thomas

Update: Thomas sends this email:

I’m spending an hour of my vacation clearing my inbox out of all the countless bad pitches that inspired my vacation responder, and I caught your note. Hope you’re having a great holiday!

I am delighted that my out-of-office autoreply offended one of your readers. It clearly hit its target.

Here’s a reaction I got from another correspondent with an actual sense of humor:

“One of the Best Out of Office’s ever. Happy Holidays!”

* Rolling Stone farms out review of rape story to Columbia j-school (
* Rolling Stone never asked U-Va. about specific gang-rape allegations (

My email to Poynter president Tim Franklin at 10:33 a.m. CT Monday:

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Hi Tim, I received this tip … Is it correct?

>>>>>>Word is that president Chris Martin is gone from poynter institute foundation…..her asst may be gone too<<<< If it is correct, has Chris been replaced yet? Did she not meet fundraising goals?

Franklin didn’t respond — until he scooped me with this Poynter story, posted at 3:09 p.m.: “Chris Martin Leaving to Pursue Opportunities in Academia.” (Poynter is shut down until January 5, according to the institute’s recorded message, so I apologize for causing a vacation interruption for some staffers.)

Martin left a West Virginia University vice president post in November of 2012 to take the Poynter Foundation job. Her fundraising performance at the institute isn’t known to the public because Poynter did not release the foundation’s Form 990 when it released the institute’s dismal numbers a few weeks ago. (It lost $3.5 million last year.)

I also emailed Martin this morning but never got a reply. Poynter says she’s going to “pursue opportunities in academia.”

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* November 2010: Martin tapped as Poynter Foundation president (
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