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Bulldog edition (later trashed), December 28, 2014

Bulldog edition (later trashed), December 28, 2014

Seattle Times pressroom employee J. Michael Klop – my tipster on Twitter – writes:

I walked in at 7:30pm to begin setting up for the Saturday Edition on Press #2 as they were just finishing the full Bulldog run of 20,000 on Press #4. My buddy Rick, who was in charge of the Bulldog press, held up a paper and said “see anything wrong with this!”. He said they noticed it as soon as they started pulling check copies, but when they alerted platemaking and editorial “downtown”, there was nobody there who was willing to make a decision to stop the run and remake the page.

Finally, after finishing the run, there was a call back from downtown saying to wait for a new set of plates … as they were going to toss the entire 20,000 and rerun the full draw.

I of course managed to snag a few for my collection!

Update: Times editor Kathy Best writes in an email: “Because of the crazy holiday weekend schedule I can’t tell you much more than you already know: We ran about 20,000 Bulldogs with a glaring error; none was distributed. The error occurred in the newsroom. It was caught in the press room. But because the press run only lasts about 30 minutes, we didn’t send a corrected page in time to catch the run. Not a great day, including missing a chance to say stop the presses.”

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* Larger view of the Seattle Times Bulldog edition (@Klopster)

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Globe and Mail front page, December 20 (I added the arrow)

The public editor on using “Fucked Up”: “This was a special circumstance since it is the proper name of the band and the project was an important one that needed front-page notice for the music. If you are going to mention the names of the band, one cannot be excluded.”

The arts editor: “It’s hard to imagine another scenario in which The Globe would ever print such a word on its cover again. We did so this time only after great deliberation, and I firmly believe that the decision made for this weekend’s cover is unlikely to be repeated.”

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* “KUDOS to @globeandmail for printing our actual name on the cover” (@Fuckedup)