Arts editor: Globe and Mail used profanity on page one ‘only after great deliberation’

Globe and Mail front page, December 20 (I added the arrow)

The public editor on using “Fucked Up”: “This was a special circumstance since it is the proper name of the band and the project was an important one that needed front-page notice for the music. If you are going to mention the names of the band, one cannot be excluded.”

The arts editor: “It’s hard to imagine another scenario in which The Globe would ever print such a word on its cover again. We did so this time only after great deliberation, and I firmly believe that the decision made for this weekend’s cover is unlikely to be repeated.”

* Why profanity appeared on the Globe and Mail’s cover (
* “KUDOS to @globeandmail for printing our actual name on the cover” (@Fuckedup)