Morning Report for December 29, 2014

* The last issue of Long Beach Register came out Sunday. ( | (
* Milwaukee cops vs. journalist: “Tensions eased considerably” after police were told Jabril Faraj was a Northwestern University j-school grad – and didn’t steal any of his equipment. (
* Oops! Detroit Free Press puts a John Harbaugh photo on page one. ( | @freepsports promises “we’ll have the right one tomorrow.” (@freepsports)village
* The best longform journalism of 2014. (
* Alt-weekly editors’ favorite stories of 2014. (
* [Right] UK paper’s headline from earlier this month goes viral. (@markbfc)
* Have an innovative news business model? Steve Outing wants to hear about it. (
* Lansing State Journal: “Our editing ranks have been thinned to allow for more reporters.” (Could we see numbers to prove you now have more reporters?) (
* Quartz writers’ obsessions. (Gwynn Guilford is obsessed with jellyfish.) (
* Demise of UC Davis student paper’s print edition is called “a tragedy.” (
* Twitter is not dying. (
* Peoria Journal Star photographers return to tornado devastation areas. “These images only show a view of brick and mortar, but each house contains a family that has their own story.” (
* Vintage video: Lesley Stahl, Jonathan Capehart and others at the 1998 NLGJA Convention. (
* “Cool, digital company … Gawker has apparently delivered a grand total of four pieces of paper to the plaintiffs’ attorneys.” (
* Noted: USA Today’s weather map is no longer on the A section’s back page. (
* Of course, you’ll find them on MTV: “Nothing makes me feel better about myself than being reminded that people who mispronounce words like ‘muscle’ even exist.” (
* A large black bear was spotted outside the PennLive/Patriot-News building. (A reporter locked eyes with the bear, then “retreated behind a set of double doors.”) ( | h/t @ckrewson
* The Los Angeles Times garage is cleared after a suspicious package is found. The finding: “It’s not a bomb, just some nasty messages that someone decided to leave for the police.” (