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Steve Jordon, who covers Warren Buffett for the Buffett-owned Omaha World-Herald, contacted both “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams and the billionaire investor after this strip ran Christmas week.

Adams told the World-Herald columnist:

It turns out that there’s no correlation between passion and success. I found that my passion followed success. If I did something that was going to make me rich, I got really excited about it. In my case, I looked for the things that would make a success.

Buffett responded in an email to Jordon:

Having passion for something is far from an automatic guarantee of success, but I think it helps. It’s hard to imagine very many athletes succeeding without a passion for their sport, though obviously many who are equally passionate fall on their face (count me among those).

I tell the college students who visit Omaha to try to find the job that they’d take if they didn’t need a job (easier said than done but still the right goal). They may not enjoy wild success but they will certainly enjoy life more than if they go to a job they find uninteresting. And, on balance, I believe they will enjoy more success.

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In January of 2012, the Chicago Tribune and six other Tribune-owned papers dropped the Associated Press for Reuters.tribune “We hope they’ll return to AP as their circumstances change,” the wire service’s spokesman said at the time.

Tribune’s no-AP arrangement was working out just fine, according to a Poynter story that ran just five months ago. (Its headline: “Eighteen months after dropping AP, Tribune happy with Reuters.”)

Apparently they weren’t that happy, though.

On New Year’s Day, Associated Press stories returned to the Chicago Tribune and other papers in the Tribune chain. Why the change? A Tribune Publishing spokesperson tells Romenesko readers:

The AP delivers premium content that our readers across all platforms expect. We made our recent news service choice based on a number of key criteria, including: meeting our readers’ content expectations, achieving the balance of cost and value, and a desire to secure one primary news service for all Tribune Publishing business units.

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