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This was posted on the Daily Freeman website this afternoon:

KINGSTON — Readers may notice a subtle difference in our local reports and photographs today.

In solidarity with the staff of Charlie Hebdo, the French satirical newspaper at which 12 persons were killed Wednesday,daily allegedly by Islamic extremists, Freeman reporters, correspondents, editors and photographers have chosen to take, for the day, the middle name “Charlie” in their bylines and credit lines.

It is with deep sincerity that we make what we know is but a small, symbolic gesture in defense of free speech.

Similarly, the hashtag JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie) has spread far and wide on social media sites since the killings.

We invite readers who participate in our online forums to consider joining us by signing their comments with the name “Charlie.”

Tony ‘Charlie’ Adamis
Managing Editor

Print edition, too? I asked. “Print and online for one news cycle,” the ME replied.

Update: Here’s the PDF of Friday’s front page.

* We at the Freeman are “Charlie” (

Kannatopia newsletter seeks a writer/researcher

Gee, is this a job for me?
Great passion for cannabis [√]
In the Chicago area [√]
Young [ ] (Sorry, dude!)

* Writer, journalist, contract writing job – Kannatopia (

Actually, he didn’t say that

Sheriff John Ward denies telling that to the Elizabethtown (KY) News-Enterprise. The correct quote, he says, is that officers go into law enforcement “because they have a desire to serve the community.”

“Nothing was said that even resembles that comment,” Ward writes on the department’s Facebook page. “This interview was conducted with another member of the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office present and there was no part of the interview that mentioned any related comments. I have served in law enforcement for 30 years and have never known any officers that had these motives.”

The paper has retracted the statement, which appeared on today’s front page. It initially called the misquote a typographical error, but the editor now blames it on a production flub. The sheriff says the line change “might have been malicious or intended as a joke.”

Update: Two copy desk staffers – 23 and 32 years old – have been fired, I’m told. One wrote the “shoot minorities” line on the page proof as a joke and the second – in charge of the front page – put it in the story. One worked at the paper for about six years, the other less than a year.

Update 2: Editor Ben Sheroan writes: “A function and process designed to rid the news pages of error instead added a terrible one that altered the reporter’s original sentence. No reasonable excuse can exist.”

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usatodayFrom DAN MITCHELL: USA Today gave space to a “radical Muslim cleric” (as the bio under this piece puts it) to bash France for not censoring Charlie Hebdo.

It’s “balance.” Just another “view,” and as we know, all “views” are equally valid, and deserve to be heard. He’s “entitled to his opinion,” and so forth.

How did we get to the point where people actually think like this? Not like the radical Muslim cleric (that’s no mystery) — like the clueless, misguided editors who published this nonsense.

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