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* New Jersey-based reporters aren’t allowed at Gov. Chris Christie‘s pre-State of the Union off-the-record chat. (
* San Antonio Express-News Austin bureau chief: “Just turned away at the Senate chamber by guy who said they’ve reached the capacity of reporters: 12.” (@pfikac)cooper
* Audrey Cooper (right) is named San Francisco Chronicle editor-in-chief. (
* What makes a “legitimate journalist,” according to Alabama’s GOP legislative leaders. (
* A researcher’s skeptical take on a teen’s view of social media. (
* Carlos Slim did well by lending money to the New York Times. (
* The Times is adding a Men’s Style section. (
* Ann Curry leaves NBC News. (
* Facebook adds a “graphic content” warning. (
* Pop music critic Sasha Frere-Jones leaving The New Yorker wasn’t that surprising. (
* Detroit Auto Show swag for the media shows up on eBay – as it does every year. (
* Daily Princetonian’s editor says it’s hard being a student journalist these days. (
* Steve Komarow is named CQ news director. (
* A.J. Daulerio raises over $1 million for his Ratter news network. (
* The Mediabistro sites are now the Adweek Blog Network. (

A journalist at a Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (CNHI) newspaper says this memo was distributed on Monday:

Corporate has decided that all employees who travel for the company must wear ice cleats in snowy or icy This includes reporters and photographers in your department. This would include an employee who walks to pick up the police reports, etc.

I need the names and shoe sizes of all editorial employees who should wear the shoe protection. The ice cleats will be ordered and paid for by the company. Corporate will place the order after we send in our information. There is also training information and a training log that will be signed by any employee required to wear the shoe protection.

Madison (Wis.) Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund says his comments section “has been taken over by a handful of trolls, both liberal and conservative, who take us quickly off topic, often with superficial vitriol.” He tells readers to voice their opinions on Facebook, in an op-ed, or via an email to the editorial page staff.

“A goal of ours is to better tap into the kaleidoscope of people who make up our always interesting town,” says Fanlund. “We are not stifling genuine engagement [by turning off website comments]; quite the opposite.”

* We’re turning off the trolls, says Capital Times editor (

Earlier on
* “I get dumber every time I read our comments section,” says editor
* Durham website turns off comments on crime stories

York (PA) Daily Record and York Newspaper Company publisher Sara Glines wants her journalists to watch their language in the newsroom. Her memo:

From: Sara Glines
Date: Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 4:11 PM
Subject: Appropriate office speak
To: PA-YorkDailyRecord, PA-YorkNewspaperCompany, PA-LebanonDailyNews, PA-PublicOpinionNews, PA-EveningSun, Teresa Hoover, Allison Roth-Cooper

I’ve heard some troubling conversations recently, so I want to remind all employees that cursing is not appropriate in the work environment.

It’s not appropriate in the office and it’s not appropriate when you are representing us elsewhere.

I know that newspapers have had a salty history and culture. And I know that we all will slip from time to time. Still, I believe we can express ourselves adequately without the use of profanity.

Let’s clean up our language and make this a workplace that anyone can feel comfortable in.



My tipster writes: “The swearing that offends her probably came from people looking for Snickers and Mountain Dew” in the company vending machines.

From: Sara Glines
Date: Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Coming Soon! Healthy Vending
To: PA-YorkDailyRecord, PA-YorkNewspaperCompany, Teresa Hoover, Allison Roth-Cooper

Happy 2015 everyone!

If your new year resolution is to eat healthy, we’re here to help. Our Healthy Vending machines will be installed on Thursday! No more Mountain Dew, No more Snickers bars. But there will be plenty of tasty treats. I’ll put an array of snacks out for you to sample on Thursday when the switch happens, but I think you’ll see some very familiar offerings.

There are more snacks available than you’ll see in our initial offering, so if there is something you were hoping for but don’t see, let me or Donna or Tiffany know and we’ll see if we can get it.

And an added bonus, the new machines will accept credit cards, so you can snack without borrowing cash from your colleagues.

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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* James Risen will not be called to testify at this week’s leak trial. New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet says: “I’m glad the government realizes that Jim Risen was an aggressive reporter doing his job and that he should not be forced to reveal his source.” (
* Washington Post publishes the new Charlie Hebdo cover. “We’ve never maintained that simply publishing an image of Muhammad itself was offensive,” says executive editor Marty Baron. (
* Essence magazine puts “Black Lives Matter” on its February cover. It’s the first time in 45 years it didn’t use a photo. ( | (
* More digital publishers are using cartoons to explain the news. (
* Jeff Jarvis on reinventing TV news. (
* Stop putting your email address in your email signature! (
* Joshua Benton: “You have to admire Gawker’s willingness to regularly rethink fundamental aspects of its structure.” (
* Longtime New Republic music critic David Hajdu joins The Nation. (
* Texas Monthly editor on Paul Burka: “One of the most important writers/editors/bloggers/wise men to have ever worked at the magazine” is retiring. ( | New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein pays tribute to Burka. (@jakesilverstein)
* Orange County Register claims the Los Angeles Times tried to put it out of business by prematurely ending a distribution deal. (
* Jon Stewart blasts Rupert Murdoch‘s tweets about Muslims. (
* Journalism “all-stars” named Spring 2015 fellows at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. (
* “Read this,” tweets Temple j-school dean and ex-Seattle Times editor David Boardman, “and then somebody explain to me again why @buzzfeed is considered the hottest thing in journalism?” (@dlboardman)
* London Sunday Times editor Heidi Blake is named BuzzFeed’s UK investigations editor. (
jag* An arts critic and his mother didn’t like hearing “jagoff” used several times on Chicago’s public radio station. ( | Earlier: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editor bans “jagoff.” (